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Work Travel Japan

Japan is one of the countries which offers a 12 month working holiday visa (whv) to young people who wish to get paid work while they travel to rebuild that bank balance.

Japan currently offers the working holiday visa (whv) to people from the following countries:

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom

To qualify for the Japanese working holiday visa there are various criteria you must meet. You must be between 18-30 at the time of application and have a clean criminal record. You must also be able to show you have enough money to support yourself for the initial part of your time in Japan until you have found paid work.

Types of work available

Japan offers the working traveller a wide variety of paid work options. You could work behind the bar in a lively Tokyo nightclub or teach english in Kyoto.

You could head over to Yuzawa, known in Japan as "Snow Country" and work in one of the 20 ski fields accessible from the town.

For the performers out there, there is a huge demand for western actors and models in Tokyo, you could be the next big thing.

Applying for the Visa

You can apply for the visa directly from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs. This is a lengthy process. There are however various companies who can arrange the Visa for you.

Real gap offers a 'Japan Essentials' package. They assist you in obtaining your visa and also provide a number of other services (including an airport pickup, Cultural orientation and Tokyo guided tour, first 7 nights accommodation, they can also help you get paid work) to help you settle into Japan, which can at first seem an alien country.